Top Ten Goalscoring Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are paid to make saves, but sometimes they give a bit more. I’ve dug through the archives to find the Top Ten goalkeeper’s who got on the scoresheet. Some are one-goal wonders, some are penalty kings, some are good enough to play up front and some are prolific, I mean really prolific goalscorers. If you want a handy list of ALL the goalkeepers to have ever scored, check out Wikipedia. I’ve just included 10. Now read on, I promise you will learn something.

10. Charlie Williams (Manchester City)

Who? Yeah I didn’t know either until I researched this blog but Charlie Williams is credited as being the first goalkeeper to ever score a goal so as a History graduate I couldn’t leave him off my list. It was a long clearance for Manchester City against Sunderland at Roker Park on 14 April 1900. After retiring he managed the Danish national team in 1908-1910 and died in South America in 1952. He might well have told his story to the locals because as we’ll see below South American goalkeepers seem to have a penchant for goalscoring.

9. Raimond Van der Gouw (AGOVV Apeldoorn)

Maybe best-known for being Man Utd’s substitute ‘keeper but Raimond Van der Gouw did manage to get on the score sheet once. In 2007 at the age of 44 the Dutchman lined up for his 100th and last appearance for AGOVV Apeldoorn in the Dutch 2nd division. De Blauwen (The Blues in Dutch!) won a penalty in the final moments of the game and Raimond duly stepped forward and despatched it, his 1st goal in the last ever minute of his professional career. Beautiful.

8. Jimmy Glass (Carlisle United)

He only scored one goal in his career but my it was important. May 8th 1999 and Carlisle’s on-loan goalkeeper heads into the penalty area. It is 1-1 and Carlisle have to win to stay in the Football League. The corner goes nowhere near him, it drifts to striker Scott Dobie who sees his header saved then the ball loops out to Jimmy Glass. Volley – winning goal – pitch invasion – history made – hero status assured with a new nickname, Jimmy Class and still drawing the crowds (?) 10 years on

7. René Higuita (Colombia, Millonarios, Atlético Nacional, Real Valladolid, Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, Independiente Medellín, Aucas, Bajo Cauca FC, Guaros de Lara FC, Deportivo Rionegro, Deportivo Pereira)

Ok let’s get it out the way, yes he does Scorpion Kicks. René also managed 41 goals in his time for Colombia and a host of clubs. Mostly they came from the penalty spot, but he did also manage the odd free kick – this one was the semi finals of the Copa Libertadores against River Plate (gotta love the commentary!).

6. Hans-Jörg Butt (VFB Oldenburg, Hamburger SV, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich)

The penalty-taking German stopper has 32 goals in total, but the big three are those he has scored in the Champions League the most by any goalkeeper. Amazingly all three came against Juventus and for different clubs (Hamburg, Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich). However Hans gets a black mark against his name for this – the dangers of being a goalscoring goalkeeper exposed by Schalke FC.

5. Peter Schmeichel (Denmark, Hvidovre, Brondby, Manchester United, Aston Villa)

Another former Manchester United goalkeeper, the Great Dane managed 13 goals in his career. At Manchester United his only goal came against Rotor Volograd in a UEFA Cup defeat after he steamed forward for a corner. In 2001 playing for Aston Villa he became the first goalkeeper to score in the Premier League, again in a defeat, again coming from a corner.

4. Dimitar Ivankov (Levski Sofia, Kayserispor, Bursapor)

The highest-scoring goalkeeper outside of South America. Dimitar Ivankov has made 63 appearances for Bulgaria but is yet to be given the chance to take a penalty for them. His 42 goals have all come at club level and all from the penalty spot, first for Levski Sofia in his native country and more recently for Turkish clubs Kayserispor and Champions League outfit Bursapor where he held his nerve to score a 95th minute penalty to beat Fenerbache last year (great soundtrack?!).

3. Jorge Campos (UNAM Pumas, Atlante)

The mini-Mexican was best known for his outlandish kit desgins (although nothing compared to Paraguayan club Guaraní’s Uruguayan goalkeeper Pablo Aurrecochea) but did you know he also used to play up front for his first club Pumas? Being just 5ft 6in he was a bit more nimble and fleet-footed than a certain English ‘keeper who was thrown forward to play as a striker. His 38 strikes prove it, and just in case you weren’t aware Pumas are in the top-tier of Mexican football as are Atlante, so doing things like this  is no mean feat!

2. José Luis Chilavert (Paraguay, San Lorenzo, Real Zaragoza, Vélez Sársfield, Peñarol, Strasbourg, Sportivo Luqueño, Guaraní)

The most penalties scored by a goalkeeper – 45. The most international goals scored by a goalkeeper – 8 (2 more than Andy Cole scored at all levels of international football for England). The most goals scored in a single game by a goalkeeper – 3 (talking of hat-tricks check out last week’s blog!). He is a record-breaking machine (in fact I was meant to give him a Guinness World Records certificate once but he stood me up!) and he had the confidence to match. “I don’t know what a Chilavert would be worth at today’s prices” he said in an interview this year “but I’m sure it’d be a lot of money. There aren’t many keepers who can go forward and score goals.”**

1. Rogério Ceni (Brazil, São Paulo)

The Brazilian has 90 career goals, a record for a goalkeeper. All the goals have been for his club São Paulo and have come a variety of manners, penalties and free kicks his specialities. Just to give you some comparison his 90 goals is 29 more than English international striker Kevin Davies has got for Bolton Wanderers, it is only 9 less than Stan Collymore scored in his whole career! Rogério Ceni is the man when it comes to scoring goals with your gloves on – he can also save the odd goal too.

So there you go the Top Ten Goalscoring Goalkeepers and hopefully you learnt a bit because I certainly did! On Friday we look at the Top Ten South American stadiums. See you then! 

** Shamelessly copied from the FIFA website, for a full list of Chilavert quotes and the full article click here.

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4 Responses to Top Ten Goalscoring Goalkeepers

  1. james says:

    like the list but i feel you have undersold jorge campos a little bit! he is a legend and although you touched upon the fact he designs his own kits, is only 5 ft 6 and used to play up front you have not mentioned that he once played two games of football on the same day, one for club one for country, one of which he played up front and the other in goal! On top of this i remember reading that he was playing for his club and with the score at 0-0 his club substituted a striker for their 2nd choice goalkeeper and moved jorge up front! Believe it or not what i read was that he scored a bicycle kick to win the game 1-0 for his club. True legend!

  2. Tim Venables says:

    I was checking out the wikipedia list, there’s no trace there of loads of goals scored by goalkeepers in the Bolivian league since 1977, I’ve got them all registered.

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